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Lilly of the valleyporcelain floral, necklace ear thread bracelet Ceramic floral pendant Muguet Maiglöcken Porcelain jewellery Birthday gift-boohua



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Lilly of the valley. handmade porcelain floral pendant.14k gold-filled chains, natural pearls.Muguet: diameter 8mm approx;ear thread: 5.5cm approx;necklace length: 40+3cm approx;bracelet length: 18 cm approx - adjustable.floral pendant is fired with a high temperature of 1300C.this is our original design and everything is handmade and assembled by will receive this earrings with a gift pack.ceramic finished with high temperature is robust,yet please treat it with care as other jewelry.our sterling silver is not coated, please put back and seal in the self-lock plastic bag coming with your order for long term storage........check boohua's shop to see more of our ceramic jewelry: https://www./shop/boohuaceramicslilly of the valley collection on sterling silver chains:boohua is a ceramic jewelry design studio located in our story here: https://www./shop/boohuaceramics/about?ref=shopinfo_about_leftnav.......your item will be packed with great care and shipped out within 3 workdays after transaction is done.Shipment is registered and trackable, takes 3-8 workdays.if you'd like to upgrade please select the different options at checkout........thanks for reading, hope you'l enjoy our design!, porcelain earrings

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