Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Lovely handmade fused glass pendant. Bits of reactive white (with a soft mauve outline), yellow and clear glass on a gorgeous teal background. Stunning example of what happens when opaque glass and transparent glass are combined and allowed to fuse together in a high temperature kiln. I made all the glass in this series, before cutting and shaping the individual pieces to complete the pendants. The glass focal is suspended from several strands of waxed cotton cord. The glass has been fired twice - once to fuse the pieces of glass together, and a second time to fire polish the glass once it has been shaped. The closure is a large nickel free lobster clasp. The waxed cotton cord is 24 inches long.In order to offer you free shipping, this pendant will be packaged in a small ziploc bag and shipped in a protective bubble envelope., teal

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