Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Oak Leaf Necklaceinitial jewelry, Enameled Leaves Pendantinitial jewelry, Engraved Initial Jewelryinitial jewelry, Dainty Birthstone Charminitial jewelry, in Non Tarnish Stainless Steel



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Beautiful Maple Leaf Necklace handcrafted with your choice of birthstone and engraved initial. We hand enamel the leaves in our studio so no two are ever alike. Handcrafted jewelry that will never tarnish\u0081\u2122. ITEM DETAILS: \u2022 1 Dainty Maple Leaf Necklace 3/4", hand enameled in our studio\u2022 Swarovski Crystals Birthstone of your choice\u2022 Includes choice engraved charm with initial\u2022 Handcrafted in solid stainless steel, for durability and will never tarnish.\u2022 Personalize it by including your information in the notes field.\u2022 Always Gift Boxed and Wrapped\u2022 Questions: Contact us at "Ask a Question".COPYRIGHT INFORMATION:Titles, Tags Description: are part of my intellectual copyright and protected by DMCA provisions.DESIGNS COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Protected by copyright, registered with the United States Copyright Office,Registration VA 1-931-884; effective date of registration: October 19, 2014.Designed Copyright \u00a9 2008 Dea SheltonMasterfully Crafted * Magically Charming\u00ae Forever Stainless\u2122, maple leaf pendant

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