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good fortune, Chinese Coin Earrings with or without silver washers Happy Chinese New Year Year of the Pig February 5th Good Fortune



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Chinese Coin Earrings are good luck! Order with metal washers for a contrasting look. Three choices! The drop down menu is in order of the pictures: Chinese coin only, Chinese coin with silver small washer in front, Chinese coin with large washer in back. Choose stainless steel wires, sterling silver ear wires, gold tone ear wires gold tone wire attaching the Chinese coin and washer to the ear wire) or silver clip on earrings. Drop me a line with your order to add a free glass crystal in your favorite color above the Chinese coin. You'll also receive ear wire guards; if you wear them, you won't lose your earrings. but if you do, I'll happy to make your remaining earring into a pendant!I repurpose and reuse as much packaging as possible ~ saves the planet and lowers costs.Follow me on Instagram: suelynneinthecityFollow me on Pinterest: suelynneinthecityFollow me on Facebook: suelynneinthecity, chinese new year

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