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Colorful Mosaic Pendant With Collage elementThis colorful mosaic pendant combines paper collage, tile, and stained glass. There is also a fun vintage capacitor thrown in. The stained glass is hand cut and then worked into an abstract pattern using numbered text underneath and bright happy colors. The metal is a silver tone. I package this in a fancy soft cotton bag. Mosaic art that you can wear. Why Numbers? I enjoy collaging with text found from old math textbooks and accounting tables. I think there is a certain magic with numbers and even as small children we learn to favor some numbers over others as lucky. Each new year we add another number to our collective mythologies. Terrific gift for mosaic lovers. Materials and size:1 x 2 rectanglestained glass, tile, smalti, metal baseVegan Slip cord is adjustable up to 24 inches total, stained glass

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