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Tiger Stripe Stingray Gold Lined Cuff Bracelet - by UNEARTHED



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An UNEARTHED Signature Gold Lined cuff bracelet faced with 100% genuine stingray leather!\rThis particular stingray has a really fun, bold, vivacious black and ochre tiger print pattern which is simply gorgeous! The black is a deep pitch black, and the orange color is a dense pumpkin with ochre overtones. The color is rich and stunning in person, and will definitely make a statement. This is the perfect way to keep up with the animal print trend while still keeping it subdued and elegant!\r(Also available on a silver lined cuff.)\r\rThe interior has a bright gold finish, and will fit a variety of wrist sizes, from 5.5" to over 8". It is adjustable, with the right gentle technique. \rMeasures just over 2" tall.\r\rThis cuff is large enough to be dramatic and stand out, yet petite enough to provide a very comfortable fit even with extended wear.

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