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bermuda triangleTopographic Bermuda Triangle Pendant Necklace



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bermuda triangleA strange pattern in shimmering copper, gold, green, and white polymer clays makes a spectacle on this topographic Bermuda Triangle pendant.This unisex triangular piece was handcrafted using a technique inspired by and named after a Japanese wood craft called "mokume gane." With polymer clay, it involves stacking very thin sheets of different colors (long story short) to achieve a unique design. I gave this 1.5x1.5x1.5 inch triangle a few layers of glassy resin after baking, and attached a bail to the plain gray back with E6000. The gold satin necklace cord is trimmed with tan wood beads. The necklace measures 17 inches at its shortest, extending up to 20 inches with brass chain. The closure is a brass lobster claw.

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