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acorn bead, Medium Handmade Art Glass and Electroformed Copper Plated Acorn Pendant . Lampwork . Julie Nordine . CreditRiverArtGlass . A21



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Mighty oaks from little acorns grow... Acorns & oak leaves symbolize strength, patience, potential.{ kalypso d e s c r i p t i o n } The handmade glass acorn is made up of a blue & purple pearlescent encased glass, topped with ivory colored glass, decorated with a simple line of fine silver dots. It was handmade by ME in my Credit River, Minnesota glass studio.The glass has been **electroformed / plated in copper to form the cap. Each acorn is made individually & is a 3 day process.*THERE IS NO REAL ACORN CAP UNDER THE COPPER... just glass. { kalypso m e a s u r e m e n t s }Acorn measurement: 21mm (plus loop & ring) x 14mm diameter Acorn size: Medium{ kalypso n o t e s }Included is a Vintaj jump ring to hang your acorn from a chain, ribbon, etc. This is so beautiful hanging from your neck & looks even better paired w/ one of my etched copper oak leaves!*I've included a picture of an acorn & oak leaf as an example of how wonderful they look together. These are not part of the listing. Copper oak leaves are available for purchase in my shop.**COPPER ELECTROFORMING, in a nutshell, is the process of building up a thick layer of copper using electricity & a chemical solution onto a surface that is either metal or, for something like glass, has been painted with a conductive paint where the copper is to be deposited.Remember that colors & intensity will vary from monitor to monitor. I've tried to represent my lampwork glass pieces as close to reality as possible on my monitor, but they may appear a shade lighter or darker than reality on yours. { kalypso a b o u t . m y . b e a d s . & . g l a s s . o b j e c t s }...all of my glass beads & objects are handmade by me, one at a time, in my Credit River, Minnesota glass studio, so no two are ever identical. I use a torch, rods of glass and some really cool tools! :o) My beads are made of soft \u201csoda lime\u201d glass rods, mainly Italian Effetre & American glasses by Double Helix. After each bead is finished, they immediately go from flame to a digitally controlled kiln where they\u2019re annealed for strength, durability & safety. I clean out all signs of bead release & look them over thoroughly for any flaws or cracks.Thanks for looking!!Julie Nordine | Credit River Art Glass

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