Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cocktail ring, Bright Purple Ring Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Ring Speckled Silver Patina Dots Solitaire You Choose Finish Square Gunmetal Silver Rose Gold



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\u2605 ZeldaThese gorgeous rings are pure dazzle. 12mm genuine Swarovski Crystal stone! This particular ring is a bright, luscious, true Purple with patina resembling mercury glass and shown in a matte rose gold setting! They are all rockstar glam! Every speck of light is captured and transformed into a blast of color! Each has a custom coated finish for maximum brilliance! Sure to attract some attention but also nice for everyday wear! The brass metal rings are completely adjustable to fit most & come in your choice of finish: Bright Silver, Dark Gunmetal, Matte Gold or Matte Rose Gold (see last picture)------------------------------------------------Measurements:\u2605 12mm crystal\u2605 Adjustable ring base *fits most------------------------------------------------\u2605ALSO AVAILABLE IN:\u2605ALSO AVAILABLE IN:DANGLE: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/634892661DROP: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/692219593STUD: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/183856962NECKLACE: https://www./walkonthemoon/listing/ComingSoonLow Shipping Worldwide*Please see shop policies for important shipping info., gunmetal finish

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