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Dendrite Agate in sterling ringPick your stone!Dense fern-like branch of dendritic inclusions contrasts against a milky white agate background. It conjures the image of a seaweed frond or a leafy branch of a tree overhead. Each of these stone is wonderfully unique. I am a little obsessed with these "fern agates" stones, always having been drawn to their use in victorian jewelry. The gorgeous fern like patterns are not botanical at all, they are actually mineral residues. In this case, the dark blackish brown color is due to manganese oxides. These agates were formed at the end of the cretaceous period, similar timing to the dinosaur die out. Found in riverbed deposits today in the Narmada region in India.Set in a simple 14 kt yellow gold bezel that sits low on the finger. It's all about the stone here. The long oval shape elongates the finger. Accented with one of our signature woodgrain sterling bands to add to the woodsy feel. Sterling Silver woodgrain band is 4mm wideBezel holding your choice of agate is 14 kt yellow goldPick your stone:1 Brown dendrite opaque agate 11mm x 24mm2 Milky fog dendrite opaque agate 9mm x 21mm3 Dense black dendrite opaque agate 12mm x 20mm4 Milky fog brown dendrite opaque agate 11mm x 21mm5 Black burst dendrite translucent agate 13mm x 18mm6 Black dendrite opaque agate 16mm x 22mm7 Sienna dendrite opaque agate 11mm x 18mm8 Brown dendrite opaque agate 10mm x 23mm9 Brown dendrite opaque agate 11mm x 17mm10 Milky fog brown dendrite opaque agate 11mmx 20mmItem will ship in a wood ring box as shown.One of a kind ring Made to Order in your size.Please allow 3-4 weeks to finish the ring before shipping. These cannot be rushed.I recommend getting sized in person with a similar band width at a local jeweler for the most accurate fit. Online formulas & measuring tricks are generally quite off in my experience. This ring cannot be resized due to the all over texture.All sales are final.*finished rings shown as examples only. You can find them here:https://www./listing/644381656/fern-dendrite-agate-tree-dendritic-agate?ref=shop_home_active_5&pro=1&frs=1https://www./listing/642472624/branch-dendrite-14kt-gold-bezel?ref=shop_home_active_2&pro=1&frs=1Handmade in NYthanks for looking!, one of a kind

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