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These triangle earrings are bold and clear to make a statement! They bring a unique and contemporary style to any outfit. 2 1/2" of light weight hand selected glass, with midnight niobium ear wire. The featured glass has an interesting deep texture reminding me of a tortoise shell. To view other earrings: you purchase any Citybitz product, as a gift for yourself or someone else, you\u2019ll make a distinct impression and enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation your gorgeously wrapped package will conjure. Each gift is carefully enveloped in a protective and colorful tissue and surrounded by metallic confetti streamers for added excitement. Our Signature Silver Gift Boxes eliminate the need for bulky wrapping paper that can tear and wear too easily. This contemporary and elegant statement is personalized with your choice of \u201cRaven Black\u201d,\u201cRuby Opalescence\u201d or Turquoise.Return to Citybitz Home Page:, geometric earrings

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