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Long sterling silver earrings featuring primitive and ancient magical talisman symbols and 4 inches of timeless goodness.There's almost nothing I love more than ancient talismans and magic symbols. I'm not promising that these possess any secret powers but if they could, I'm sure that they would, transferred from my best intentions and labor. I thumbed through my book collection of folk, rustic and primitive jewelry and settled on a number of shapes to carve in wax. Carving and having them cast was only the beginning of their journey from components to wearable jewelry.I'd like you to think that these were taken off some ancient clothing or rescued from an excavation site, assembled for you and somehow serve as protection from the chaos of our modern era.I sanded, hammered, stamped, sanded some more, oxidized, brushed and tumbled them for shine after soldering the rings together. They retain some dark color and texture and hint I hope at mysteries from long-ago legends.They are long at 4 inches and 0.50 inches wide. Quiet sterling ear wires come with clear rubber ear nuts so you won't lose them., long silver earrings

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