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yoga ring, Lotus*Padmasana Ring*Yoga Ring * Adjustable Yoga Ring * Epoxy Yoga Ring * Yoga Ring * Half Ring * Asana Ring * Yoga Jewelry + FR33 Bracelet



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Lotus * Padmasana Pose Epoxy Ring = Yoga Pose Ring; Adjustable 7...up or down 1/2 size.*All rings are easily adjustable up to 1/2 up or down. The rings are adjustable & made from aluminum & bend easily. Advisable not to wear if you're doing "hard work" with your hands even though you can readjust them back into place. But why?General ring sizes of each ring (again, they are somewhat adjustable) Circle: 3/4 wide x 3/4" height\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*YOU WILL RECEIVE THE 'KNOW YOGA, KNOW PEACE' BRACELET!*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605 \u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*FR33*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605 \u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022**\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022**\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*The drawings were originally done in 1998. I found the originals that were 4' x 6". I loved them so much, I had to make them into mini mes!! I have 12 asanas. \u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022**\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022**\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*Each item is hand made by me, Carrie B unless noted! Support Artists with these handmade goods.~If you'd like a handwritten note, typed message, or a card added to the order, please type the message into my "note to seller" section of the order and I will happily add a special message! ~If this order is shipping to a friend, also be sure to leave the correct address on the order or you may end up finding the package in your own mailbox. :)\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022**\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022**\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*\u2022.\u00b8\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*, yoga pose ring

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