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romantic jewelry, Bracelet in glass and sterling silver - Dark Periwinkle flower bracelet - Made to Order



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Bracelet in glass and sterling silver - Dark Periwinkle flower bracelet - Made to OrderMade to order: your jewellery will be hand made in our parisian studio, when we receive your order.Bracelet length: ajustable 15-18cmGlass bead width: 12mmColours: periwinkle, blue, greenMaterials: sterling silver, glassThe bead and all the flowers were created in glass, in our Parisian workshop!~~ Made in France ~~All beads and jewellery are designed and created in France, near Paris.Each piece of jewellery is stamped with my "jewellery maker's stamp" which is obligatory in France when using precious metals. This stamp is unique (each jewellery makers has his own), so only my jewellery is marked by it!~~ Gift Wrapping ~~All my jewellery comes wrapped up ready to be gifted!~~ General Info ~~All metal chain and findings are sterling silver.Also, all necklaces and bracelets are signed with my little sterling silver signature tags (see photo).I create all the glass beads featured in my jewellery one by one. I love to develop and work with multiple glassworking techniques to create 3D nature-related elements, mainly varieties of glass flowers, submerged in thick layers of clear glass to amplify all the tiny details. The flowers and butterflies wouldn't be anything without the colours, which I intensively study all the time to create one magical colour combination after another., silver jewelry

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