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faux, Gorgeous ART NOUVEAU Inspired SuNBURST RiNG - SaPPHIRE Blue and Clear CZs Set in 925 STERLING - Size 8



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VINTAGE - NEW OLD STOCKThis lovely ring was from the Isabella Collection that I ordered for a former boutique I operated in Saratoga Springs, NY back in the late 1990's. During a recent move I found a box of this stunning jewelry that I had never even opened. I will be offering my entire inventory here in the LINDA LEIGH SHOPPE in time for your gift-giving pleasure (or a little self-indulgence). I am offering them to you at my price since I am trying to downsize, destash and retire. I have mostly rings, and a few necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Most rings are one of a kind, but I may have a few in different sizes. This gorgeous, dramatic ring has all the panache of a genuine ring from the Art Nouveau Era. It looks like something right out of "THE GREAT GATSBY:. It has an Emerald Cut Sapphire CZ Center Stone surrounded by pave clear stones and finished with an outer row of large Sapphire CZ Baguettes. This ring is a REAL DAZZLER; it SPARKLES, SHINES and SIZZLES. So much BLING for so little $$$. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I COULD GET MY HANDS ON IT, so if you are a Size 8 and like it, I would grab it fast. I try to give as much information about each piece as possible. These fine pieces were made by a company that claimed they were fashioned exactly as their fine jewelry. The ISABELLA COLLECTION was "FIT FOR A QUEEN", yet "AFFORDABLE FOR HER HAND MAIDEN". All pieces come gift boxed. (Style of Box Varies), dramatic

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