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E Pur Si Muove or Ode to Galileo Ceramic Necklace in Purplehandmade ceramic, Blue and Black



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This is a unique hand-formed and hand painted ceramic ode to Galileo necklace made by Surly Amy at Surly Ramics. This necklace has one of our small size pendants.Galileo discovered that the earth was not the center of the universe by looking through a simple hand-held telescope and noticing that objects were moving. He realized that objects orbited other objects and then in turn realized that the earth was not fixed in the sky. This was revolutionary at the time and also considered heresy by the church. He was forced to recant his statements but was rumored to have muttered under his breath when forced to recant, " Si, pero muove, E Pur si muove or Pero, si muove." The records are unsure of the exact quote, but the message is loosely translated as, "but, it does move".*PLEASE NOTE I make these in small batches so the necklace you receive may vary slightly from the one in the photo. The color, size and style will be the same but the glaze and spotting effect will settle slightly differently from piece to piece.We stamp every piece on the back for authenticity so you know you're getting an original, high quality, artist made, Surly-Ramics design.The ceramic pendant is approx. 2.25" in high and has an 18" super soft black faux suede cord. ***************We will be happy to add a longer cord if you let us know via message to seller during checkout. Please specify if you need 20", 22", 24" or 26"************ :)We offer chains and other color cords as an option for our pendants. You can go to the chain section in my shop and purchase them separately. If you buy a chain or other cord I still include the black cord with the pendant as well in case you want to switch back and forth. \u2022 Click here to pick out a chain or other cords: http://www./shop/surly?section_id=5974323The necklace comes packed in a pretty little black box and is perfect for gift giving. (even if the gift is for you!)You can find out more info about Surly Amy (YAY!) and Surly Ramics and see our other designs and lots more photos at surlyramics.comThank you for looking and thank you for buying handmade!All jewelry designs and images shown are \u00a9 Surly-Ramics\u2122.Quick link to main shop: http://www./shop/surly, cosmos

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