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Enamel over copper, sterling silver and blue agate beads.Signed with my monogram on the back. All my pieces are hand painted and one of a kind. I do not use decals or any other sort of transfers.My enamels are fired in a kiln at 900\u00b0C - 1650\u00b0F.***Opalescent enamel always plays a part in my Mist series, either in the backgrounds or overlapping trees and branches. Despite their apparent simplicity at first sight, the depth in these pieces is created by a complex process of layering. They incorporate all types of enamel: opalescent, transparent, opaque, and vitrifiable pigments both between and on top of the layers of enamel. The placement of all these different components in the right order creates real depth in the piece.What\u2019s interesting to me when developing this series with enamel, which is glass, is that I am not merely attempting to visually reproduce the impression of the perceived colour & light as a painter would, but I am literally employing the same physical effects that occur as light is diffused through the atmosphere and low clouds. The same phenomenon that makes the sky blue and the sunset red, Rayleigh scattering, is at play here passing through layers of opalescent glass and transparent glass and finally reaching an opaque layer or a glinting copper surface. I find there\u2019s a sort of poetry in this equivalence.***SHIPPINGAll shipping is TRACKED. All orders ship directly from my artisan studio in Belgium. I ship once or twice a week at the moment since I have my little child at home with me right now due to covid-19. Shipping outside the EU has been restricted due to this as well. If you don't find your country listed in the countries I can currently ship to, drop me a note, I will check the latest shipping updates to see what is possible for you.Please note that due to covid-19 you can expect local delays in delivery, depending on your destination and the lowered traffic of intercontinental flights. Please be patient. You will be provided a tracking code.The buyer is responsible for any possible import charges outside the EU.SUSTAINABILITYI reuse & recycle all my shipping materialsMATERIALSAll my enamel work is made with traditional leaded enamel (as is all crystal, in contrast with glass), for colour and brilliancy. This small amount of lead is embedded in the glass matrix and cannot be absorbed by the body. If you are not comfortable with this, do not purchase this item., hot enamel

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