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This simple fun statement ring holds a shimmering summer moment.The butterfly is outlined in gold and painted with sparkly purple polychrome wings and a hematite colored body. The wings look like a shimmering warm purple with a subtle glitter, but as your hand moves, the color changes to include pinkish and blue tones and oranges and golds. It's set off against an iridescent green background with a hit of ivy leaves, all underneath a glass drop for a magnifying effect. It's glued to a sturdy adjustable ring base, currently a size 7.5. (I know it's a lot different than my usual work, but I had so much fun making some of these for myself and got so many compliments that I decided to try one in my shop!)Comes gift boxed, just let me know if you'd like it gift wrapped too! (Metallic blue or metallic gold paper, ivory or burgundy ribbon.)Shop home: https://www./shop/, thumb ring

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