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Lightning triangle threader earrings Minimalist geometric earrings Modern simple jewelleryElegant, light and comfortable triangle hoops. Each pair is individually hand-crafted : hand-shaped, accent-hammered to toughen the metal and rough- brushed in places for contrast. Thread the hoop through the outside open end and pull to hang it from the first or second angle. acute triangle hoops sides 3 cm top 1.5 cmmaterial: wire 0.8mm round- raw yellow/ gold-tone jeweller's brass- recycled standard 925 silver- yellow goldfilled wire / Gold Filled 5% 12K ( 12 ct gold wire top layer mechanically bonded to core of brass wire ) combine with a minimalist bangle or geometric necklace :https://www./shop/minimalgeometric/search?search_query=geometric+-earrings, silver earrings

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