Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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I hand make an Islamic tile design cab from start to finish and inlay it into the sweetest little 14mm lace bezel. (Smaller than a dime.) The tile itself measures just under 13mm round and is made from thick, lightweight plastic and multiple layers of glassy resin... paying homage to Bakelite and Lucite jewelry of the past. The result is a bubbly vintage glass like tile that resembles a ceramic piece, minus the weight, the dust, and the lead of ceramic. My tile cabochons are one of a kind and you won't find them anywhere but here. The kidney ear wire measures 35mm. The earrings measure slightly under 5cm from the top of the hoop to the bottom of the cabochon. The earring is available in Antique brass, antique copper, or silver overlay.I have been recreating history via miniature world tile jewelry for over 15 years and have been with ETSY since the beginning. Thanks for visiting my sweet little shop by the breezy San Francisco Bay. :)Home: CorinaCrooks., islamic

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