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gifts for her, Gray Rectangle Dangle Earrings with Oxidized Argentium Silver Accents and Ear Wires



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To create these earrings, powdered glass is sifted onto copper and fired in a 1450\u00ba kiln until it melts, flows, and hardens into a smooth, durable surface. The geometric image is printed on decal paper which is affixed to the enameled piece. When fired in the kiln, the decal paper burns off and the iron oxides in the toner attach to the enamel creating the sepia look. The oxidized silver accents and ear wires are fused and forged using Argentium Silver. Argentium silver (935) is a modern sterling silver alloy which modifies the traditional sterling alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) by replacing some of the copper with germanium. As it contains at least 92.5 silver content, it is still considered sterling silver. Replacing the copper with germanium makes the metal easier to clean and less prone to tarnishing., gifts for her

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