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How big is the galaxy? How deep is space? How bright are the stars? This Pietersite stone has gorgeous swirling blue, gray, silver\u00a0and golden colors, like sprays of stars and swirls of gas through space. Set in Sterling Silver with a twisted wire trim, this stone has incredible color and a reflective chatoyancy.\u00a0Stone size: 12x24mmPendant size: 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" longPendants are available with or without a chain.\u00a0To purchase a chain, please see the chain lengths available and add to your purchase. Rollo chains (as shown) close with a hook clasp. I use a handmade hook closure because I use handmade components whenever possible \u2013 if you prefer a lobster clasp, please let me know when you order and I will switch the clasp out for no charge. Lobster clasps are mass-produced.To see more styles and the full line of DivaKami Jewelry please visit, pietersite pendant

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