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bangles, 8 patterned bangle bracelets made from Sterling Silver



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8 beautiful handmade patterned bangle bracelets made from Sterling silver that have been oxidized to show the detail of the pattern.\r\rMeasurement of the width ranges: 2.82mm - 6.40mm\r\rBracelet sizes are measure by circumference\r\rsmall 7"\rmedium 7.5"\rLarge 8"\r\rHow to Measure Hand Size\rPosition your hand as if you are putting on a bangle, with your thumb extended across your palm and reaching towards your pinky finger. \rCarefully wrap a soft measuring tape around your hand's widest part - at the knuckles and thumb. The number where the measuring tape overlaps is your hand size.\r\rPlease note that the width of the bangle may also affect fit. Wide bangles typically fit more snug upon the wrist. \r\rMeasure carefully because I cannot change the size or accept any returns if wrist was measured incorrectly.\r\r\rIf you need a larger size than an 8 please convo me and I can change the price to reflect that.\r\rOther listings of patterned bangles:\rhttp://www./shop/AlegraJewelry?section_id=6422924\r\rPlease allow 5-8 days to complete your order.\r\r\rFree Shipping!, bangle bracelets

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